We would like to offer you an alternative to the extensive infrastructure of Great
Masurian Lakes. The leisure sailing trend, we are focused on, allows you to spend your free time sailing
and enjoying the calmness of nature, althought it doesn't exclude the places for entertainment
and civilization. Therefore our offer we applies to beautiful scenic waters
that have not yet been discovered yet ...


Lake Wdzydze

Wdzydze Kiszewskie
  • Location: Bory Tucholskie, Kaszuby
    (75 km from Gdańsk, 130 km from Bydgoszcz)
  • Areawater tank: 1455 6 ha
  • Depth of Lake: max 69 meters
  • Cleanlinesslevel: II
  • Difficultlevel: Easy
  • Bottom of the lake: Sandy

The water area consists of five interconnected lakes such as Wdzydze, Radolne, Gołuń, Jelenie and Słupinko. They form a distinctive cross, hence the lake is often called "Wdzydze’s Cross". The characteristic feature of this place is that it is situated in the area of Wdzydze Landscape Park, so you don’t meet motor boats on the water, and the landscape and lake terrain will surprise you with their purity and wildness. On the lake there are large islands including Ostrów Wielki, Ostrów Mały, Sorka, Sidły i Glonek. The lake has a sandy bottom and the mast fold is not required in any of its sections. When it comes to the infrastructure of the basin, it is virtually in every part of it there are many well-equipped marinas where you can spend the night, use the toilet and eat well. For those looking for solitude and wildness of nature, in the area of the basin, you can find a lot of places to stick to the shore and have a campfire away from civilization.

- Sailor's Knowledge-


quote-up Jibe is a maneuver to pass astern sailing through the wind. Properly executed reimbursement by the stern consists of
three phases: peeling the full backstay while ensuring efficient operation of the sails, crossing the line shifting wind and
sails for a new tack, and sharpen the full backstay and setting sails to work.quote-down